Concussions & Neurological Conditions

Photobiomodulation (PBM) Light Therapy has Enormous Potential to
Treat Challenging Brain Conditions

Most of us have someone close to us who has been diagnosed with a neurological condition. Or maybe you are suffering with one yourself. You know how challenging and often devastating it can be for the one diagnosed along with their close family and friends.

PBM for the Brain

Before PBM, there were very limited treatments for neurological conditions and none readily available that could stop or reverse the damage. There are many pharmaceutical drugs that have been developed to slow and mask symptoms and pain, but these usually come with many serious side effects.

Now there is real hope!

PBM can treat conditions such as:

Post /Chronic Covid -19 
Alzheimer's / Dementia  
Traumatic Brain Injuries.

PBM HEALS Damaged Brain Cells

We now know that mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress contribute to nearly all types of neurodegenerative brain disorders and interfere with healing from traumatic brain injury (TBI) and stroke.

Unlike medications that simply mask symptoms, Photobiomodulation (PBM) works from the inside out at the cellular level. PBM has the capacity to HEAL damaged cells by reducing oxidative stress which allows necessary oxygen to enter the cell’s Mitochondria and produce energy (ATP) at optimal levels.

Clinical studies have proven that PBM reduces inflammation, promotes healing of damaged cells and tissue while improving cognitive & motor function. Photobiomodulation Light Therapy benefits your brain in many ways:

  • Reducing oxidative stress and inflammation (linked to concussions and neurodegenerative disorders)
  • Improving cellular metabolic functioning (increasing production of cellular energy (ATP) necessary for cell survival
  • Stimulating cerebral blood flow to increase brain oxygenation and remove waste products
  • Red light is a powerful neuroprotector, meaning it helps protect neurons (brain cells) from damage or degeneration
  • Stimulating production of stem cells in response to injury or other causes of cell death or dysfunction
  • Activating neurogenesis (the growth of neurons and new nerve tissue) and synaptogenesis (formation of new synapses). also called neuroplasticity.* 

Recommended Reading: 
"The Brains Way of Healing" by Dr. Norman Doidge.



Photobiomodulation, using medical grade LED and Laser light in the red and near infra-red spectrums, can repair damaged brain cells and stimulate healing.  All of this results in a reduction and/ or relief of symptoms.  At Luminous, we have witnessed some amazing results treating neurological conditions.  

Common clinical results:

  • Increased physical and cognitive energy
  • Improved motor function
  • Improved mental sharpness, memory, innovative thinking, reading and learning
  • Improved goal setting and completion of tasks
  • Improved ability to focus attention and coordinate sequences of actions
  • Greater ability to emotionally self-regulate and control impulses
  • Improved sleep, less anxiety, and much better moods.

*One of the most notable and potentially significant effects of PBM on the brain discovered to date is its ability to promote synaptogenesis (formation of new synapses called neuroplasticity). Neuroplasticity is vitally important for treating many brain conditions, including TBI, stroke and neurodegenerative diseases. All of these conditions can be linked (in part or in full) to poor or aberrant neuronal connections in certain regions of the brain. Source:

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PBM for Concussions

Promising Treatment

Before PBM the standard concussion treatment consisted of rest, change of lifestyle and medications (which have unwanted side effects). Many people continue to experience symptoms which can greatly impact their quality of life even after their concussion has ‘healed.’ Ongoing symptoms often lead to depression.  Now, whether you have an acute concussion or have suffered multiple concussions over the years, PBM is one of the most promising treatments to get you back to feeling like yourself again! This is used for Pro Athletes world wide! 
See Video on right (Hope Institute, Pennsylvania, US). 
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Client Testimonial
"We flew to Vancouver after learning about PBM using THOR hand-held devices along with the ARRC bed and how it could help eliminate the debilitating effects of the multiple concussions my son had received. He had five treatment sessions with both the lightbed and THOR targeted lights over a week at Luminous and there was an incredible improvement in cognitive function, energy and mood. We are so grateful for this amazing therapy!” Kathy M.

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PBM Articles & Studies

Quote from Dr. Michael Hamblin, PhD., Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School:
“Near infrared light can penetrate quite deep into the body. So if you shine it on your head, it goes through your skull and quite a lot of it is absorbed by your brain. Once you understand this, it’s amazing to think of the various diseases of the brain that need regeneration and healing, which could potentially be treated with light therapy.” 

Recommended Reading: "The Brains Way of Healing" by Dr. Norman Doidge.

Articles and Clinical Studies on the BRAIN and Photobiomodulation

Brain Photobiomodulation Therapy:

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40 Minute In Depth Podcast Explaining Photobiomodulation and Treating Neurological Conditions.

THOR LED/NIR & Laser Technology

Our THOR Light technology is a natural, painless, non-invasive treatment with no negative side effects.  THOR is Health Canada and FDA approved and  used by many leading organizations around the world including NASA, Stanford Medical Center, NBA, NFL, NHL, Canadian and US Olympic Teams plus hundreds of clinics and hospitals.