How Increased Blood Circulation though PBM Affects Your Health

Did you know that PBM Light Therapy helps with your blood flow which therefore supports the health and wellbeing of your whole body?

The quality of the blood circulation throughout your body has a critical impact on your overall health and wellness. It is our blood cells that transport oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, as well as prevent waste buildup in our body. Poor blood circulation is at the root of many acute and chronic health conditions and plays into the experience of pain, numbness, weakness and swelling. This means that by improving our circulation, we support and help all body systems!

Photobiomodulation (PBM) positively effects a number of physiological aspects of the human body, including improved blood flow! This means that along with it, there is improved healing, cell metabolism, anti-inflammatory actions, and stimulation of the immune system response. How does light therapy help the flow of blood? The body converts the energy from the light into ATP (cellular energy) which triggers physiological effects, such a blood flow. Light Therapy also stimulates the formation of new blood cells – a process called angiogenesis.

The best way to increase circulation with PBM is by using a Whole Body Lightbed.