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Photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy is a revolutionary treatment using specialized light that heals at the cellular level by targeting oxidative stress and increasing mitochondrial function.

We have treated hundreds of people at our clinic for many different ailments including muscle and joint pain, injuries, arthritis pain, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, as well as skin, nerve, and neurological conditions.


THOR Targeted Photobiomodulation light treatment heals damaged cells and repairs tissue wherever the beam is applied.

30 - 45 minutes PBMT Practitioner

Healing Soft Tissue Injuries

Decreasing Pain, Swelling and Inflammation

Concussions & Neurological Conditions

Increasing Circulation

Disease Prevention

Helps to Eliminate Joint & Musculoskeletal Pain

Skin Treatment

Book 45 Min $95 per session
Book 30 Min$75 per session


Arrc Bed is a whole body light treatment for cellular rejuvenation. Escape from your busy day, relax, reset, and RECOVER!

15-25 Minutes per Session

Good for the Mind, Body & Spirit

Decreasing Pain, Swelling and Inflammation

Improving Sleep, Mood & Energy

Increasing Circulation

Disease Prevention


Skin Treatment

Book 25 Min$75 per session
Book 8 Sessions$525 (inc 1 free)

Combined Treatments

Combined treatments are often the most effective way to reach your health goals. Receive 45 min with PBM Practitioner & 25 min ARRC Light Bed.

45 Minutes with PBM Practitioner

25 Minute ARRC Light Bed full-body session

Book 70 Min$149 Combo

Multi-Session Combo

4 x ARRC Light Bed Treatments

4 x THOR Hand Held Treatments

Book 8 Sessions$595 (inc 1 free)

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